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Becoming an Advocate

In order to begin the process of becoming a CASA volunteer Guardian ad litem you must:

1. Be 21 years of age. 

2. Complete a Maine CASA application form. (See link below.)

3. Submit releases with your original signature for both a criminal and DHHS background check. (See link below.)

4. Have three, non-family members submit a reference form on your behalf. (See link below.)

5. Submit readable copies of both your driver's license and proof of automobile insurance. 

Once your application is complete we will determine if you will be asked to complete a personal interview. If you are selected for the interview, and if you are deemed a good fit for training, you may then be invited to our 30-hour volunteer training program. Once training is complete we will do a final interview with you. If it appears at that time that the program is a good fit we will invite you to serve as a Maine CASA volunteer.

Volunteer Application Process and Forms

Step 1:

Volunteers may complete the CASA application in one of two ways:

  • You can complete the application here and send it to us online by pressing the submit button.
  • You can also download and complete the application by clicking on the following link:
    Maine CASA application form - This form can be mailed in physically or sent via e-mail.

Step 2:

Also, with the application you must include the original signed releases for DHHS and the criminal background check. These forms must include an original signature and must be submitted by regular mail. Both of these forms can be downloaded here:

Step 3:

In addition you will need to provide us with three references. The reference forms can be downloaded here: 

Please send each of the reference forms to the people you have designated on your application as references, and ask them to forward the completed form directly to our office either by email, fax, or mail.

Contact Information

Our mailing address is: Maine CASA, Administrative Office of the Courts, Family Division, 171 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0171.

We are located within the Capital Judicial Center, 1 Court Street, 3rd Floor, Augusta, ME 04330.

Telephone: (207) 213-2865    Email:

Please remember that in order to process your application we must have all of the following documents in our office:

  • A completed CASA application.
  • An original and signed copy of your DHHS Background Check Release form.
  • An original and signed copy of your State of Maine Criminal Background Check Release form.
  • Three completed and signed reference forms from non-family members.
  • A readable copy of your driver's license
  • A copy of your automobile insurance card


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