The Maine CASA Advisory Panel’s purpose is to set the policy for and monitor the Maine CASA program in recruiting, training, screening, and overseeing volunteer guardians ad litem appointed in child protection actions. Maine CASA receives guidance from the Advisory Panel whose members are appointed by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.  The members of the Advisory Panel include a Judge of the District Court, Maine child welfare stakeholders, such as, assistant attorneys general representing the Department of Health and Human Services, current CASA guardians ad litem, attorneys who represent parents in child protection matters, representatives from DHHS and from the law firms that provide pro bono legal representation for CASA guardians ad litem. Members represent different regions of the state. The panel provides recommendations to the Guardian ad Litem Services Coordinator, also known as the CASA Program Specialist, on recruitment strategies, training needs, marketing ideas, policies and procedures, grant applications and compliance, relying on their unique regional and professional perspectives.

MAINE CASA ADVISORY PANEL*                     Town          Term

Danylle Carson Leeds until January 1, 2020
Julie Footer Biggers Portland until January 1, 2020
Rebecca Cayford Skowhegan until January 1, 2020
Joseph Belisle Bangor until January 1, 2020
Michael Kearney Portland until January 1, 2021
Sara Murphy Portland until June 7, 2021
Donna Carter Portland until January 1, 2022
Mark Moran, LCSW Bangor until January 1, 2022
Delia Saintcross Portland until January 1, 2022
F. Mark Terison, Esq., CASA, Peer Coordinator Falmouth until January 1, 2022
Toby Jandreau, Esq. Fort Kent until January 1, 2022

Chair: Hon. Andrew Benson

Ex Officio Consultant and Liaison to the State Court Administrator: Tracy Jacques, Esq., Guardian ad Litem Services Coordinator

SJC Liaison: Associate Justice Ellen Gorman